Utilize Third Party Platform to Get More Reward in Steemit [Steempress #07]

Steemit is a large community. To live in this community we need to be more understand about steemit. I don’t say that i have understood all about steemit but this post is a suggestion for myself and hopefully it can be useful for others. As you know there are several projects that relate to steemit blockchain. It means that when you post something on those third party project, your post also appear on steemit. By utilizing those third party project will help you to get more reward to improve your self on steemit.

  • Esteemapp

<sub><center>Screen shot image</sub></center>

This app is developed by @good-karma and team. Since it launchs there so many users use this app. When the first time i join steemit, i use this app to support my self. Good-karma with this app has helped me and other users so much. I suggest you to join to this app. You can download it on Google play store and install it to your phone. Right now @good-karma and team also have developed esteem surfer for pc version you can check it [here](https://github.com/eSteemApp/esteem-surfer/releases/tag/1.0.0). By make a post via @esteemapp or esteem surfer good-karma will vote for your post but don’t forget to put your link on the discord on post promotion room. Here is the discord link¬†https://discord.gg/eAucNvM. Just come and join there to meet more people all around the world. You can ask anything you want about the app in the discord.

  • Dlive


Dlive is a platform that also connected to steemit blockchain. This platform is suggested to user who love video live. You use this platform to play online game, upload video or even live video. @dlive will come to curate your post if you use this platform to post it. What i know dlive give better reward for the users. Just try to make as best as vedio to upload there or your live video and you will know what dlive can give you.

  • Steempress

<sub><center>Picture from steempress account</sub></center>

For you who love blogging before join steemit, now you have big chance to get better paid. @howo and @fredrikaa have developed a plugin that connected your blog to steemit platform Download and install steempress plugin to your blog and the writing on your blog will also appear on steemit platform. Just make a best post of your put steempress tag and put your link to discord on post promotion room @steempress-io will come and curate your post. And don’t you will always get vote but keep trying. If your post is deserve, he will vote you. To be more familiar to this third party project, join the discord here¬†https://discord.gg/TyvbBTg

There ate so many other platforms that also connected to steemit blockchain, there are @steepshot, busy.org, @dsound, @dtube, @dmania etc. You can find the information about those platform by yourself. I hope by this little talk i serve tonight will help some users to be more active and get better reward in steemit.

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