Steem-ua, New Way To Grow In Steem Blockchain [Steempress #52]

Days ago when i was looking around to find something to read i found @rayfa’s post about @steem-ua. If you want to read it, you can check it [here]( For your information, UA is user authority. Every single person in steemit has their own UA rank and point you can check it in you will see your rank and your point right there. @scipio as the founder of steem-ua project want to help everyone who active on steem blockchain earn some benefits of it. He wants all people who care to steem blockchain to unite and create a healthy ecosystem. You can see all what he says on his open letter [here](

steem-ua goal

@steem-ua goal is to create a healthy situation in steemit blockchain by encourage steemit user to produce good content, interact in comment and follow each other. These activities will increase you ua score. Comment to other post will increase your ua score to and so do follow each other. Why this ua score is important? isn’t it same with current reputation? your ua score is important because @steem-ua will curate your post base on two variables, your ua author and your ua post. Where ua author is ua score of author while ua post is amount of voting strength multiplied by ua voter. To improve your ua score you have to be active by engaging with people. Commenting on other post or follow each other is a way to increase ua score. I think this project will stimulate people to be active on steem blockchain. They need to do that to increase ua score. The more ua score you get the bigger upvote you receive from steem-ua. Interesting right?

How to Get Vote From @steem-ua?

To get vote from steem-ua you must delegate minimum 25 sp to steem-ua. Since @scipio as a founder of this project makes a post about this project most people welcome this project gladly. You can see how much people with big sp have joined to this project. I also take part of this project by delegating my 25sp to steem-ua. As a redfish that’s all i can do to get involve on this project. If you want to take part feel free to join here. The more sp you delegate the bigger chance you have upvote from steem-ua. For 25sp you delegate steem-ua will upvote your post once a week. For 50 sp you delegate you will get 2 max upvote a week, for 100sp you delegate you will get 4 nax upvote a week. For further information about sp delegation and upvote rule, please check [here]( I hope by make a post of this project i can attrack more people to join.

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