Snowbay Water Park Another Charm Of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah [Steempress #13]


Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a tourist attraction with the theme of Indonesian culture. Taman Mini stands on an area of about 150 hectares located on Jakarta Timur. This tourist place is a summary of Indonesian culture from all provinces. Among them are traditional houses from all regions in Indonesia with traditional architectural styles, various regional dances, regional dress or custom clothing, and various traditions contained in regions throughout Indonesia. In addition, in the middle of Taman Mini, there is a lake which is a miniature picture of the Indonesian Archipelago. In other word, if you want to see Indonesia, you can see it in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah this place is fully Indonesia and there are a lot of indonesian history in it. On this chance, let me share you another charm of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Beside there are many historical things, Taman Mini also has other attraction, Snowbay WaterPark.

Snowbay Waterpark located in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah area. I visit this place days ago with my cousin. This place is not too far from my cousin place, so is not too hard to get it. There are a lot of fun on this place. If you are looking for a place to visit with your family, come to this place. I guarantee you will mis this place after you visit it once. What you can find here?

  • Wave Pool

This place calls wave pool because there is artificial wave here. The wave looks like wave on the sea. It’s so fun to be here with your family or your couple. Many people come to this place on saturday and sunday the entrance ticket is about IDR 182.000 per person. You don’t need to worry about chilldren if you bring them here because there are guards on this place who always keep this place save for everyone.

  • Typhoon River

This river is also an artificial not a real river. This river is in adult waist deep. Use water tube to stay floating and surround this artificial river. This water tube is free you do not need to hire it. Just use it as long as you want. Enjoy your journey with everyone you want in this river. This is absolutely amazing, just come and try and you will say that i’m right.

  • Tube Coaster


I really enjoy this tube coaster with my cousin. The tube coaster is about 60 feet high you have to bring a tube up stair and get splash with style. I just splash once because there are so many people in queue.

  • Hurricane


I try this challange but cannot make a photo because it’s to dangerous to let your hand from handle. I’m affraid of falling if i let my hand from handle to take a photo while i’m on the hurricane. This challenge greatly boost your adrenaline don’t try this if suffer high blood pressure. You can see the rule right there before you try it. Follow all the rules for your safety.

  • Everslide


I don’t have a chance to take photo on this challange too. But it’s okay, the main thing is i have tried it right? the everslide is open to all age unlike the hurricane. So you can bring your child to try this. There is an instructor that always ready to instructs all the visitors.

  • Pool Cafe


After get tired with the challanges i try with my cousin we took time to enjoy coffee and some food in pool cafe. The pool cafe is located in front of pool. The Athmosphere here is so comfortable to make enjoy your drink and food. Don’t forget to take time here with everyone you take here. Actually there are so many interesting challenges here but i don’t have enough time to try them all like

  • Toddle Zone
  • Spa zone
  • Rainbow ride
  • Moby zone
  • Giant Bucket
  • Flush bowl, and
  • Cool running

Do not hesitate to visit Snowbay Waterpark in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Take your family or everyone you love to this place to spent your wekend or holyday. You will not be upset by visiting this place. It will be an amazing journey for you and your family. Thank you so much for reading my stuff and don’t forget to make a comment and upvote if you think i deserve to it. Thank you and regard @tfq86.

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