Shining Beauty From West [Steempress #33]

On today chance i will post about photography again. Today when i was working on my duty to pick up the paddy from farmer i went through the paddy field area. It’s about 6 o’clock on evening. The shine from west caught my eyes. I amazed by the scenery showed by nature. The sun is about to drown to horison. I stop my vehicle to immortalize this wonderful moment. I am searching the best place to shot to make good pictures. You know, sometimes you can’t produce good picture without little hard work even the scenery you see is so wonderful but when shot it the picture you produce is unlike you expected.

There is a tree beside the road i go through. After several shots i got the first picture for thumbnail of this post. Then i move a bit to get another pictures and here they are.

That’s all the pictures i got for today on my way home from taking the paddy. Hopefully those pictures make you enjoy and love them. The location of those pictures are in Cot Gapu Bireuen, Aceh.

Picture Information:

Camera: Samsung J5 pro

Aperture: F 1.7

Focal Lenght: 3.71 mm

Flash: No flash

White Balance: Auto

ISO: 40

Lighting Time: 1/715 s


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