Searching Fun At Night In Jakarta [Steempress#22]

wherever you are, night always provide a different atmosphere and certainly fun. During my vacation in Jakarta some time ago, I often ask my cousin to go around at night. Frankly I like the atmosphere of night especially when I was in a big city. The scenery I got was incredible. Some places I visited gave different views. From all the places I always immortalize some photos as memories. Just by saving some photos from the places we visit we can see them sometime. Some photos that I take on the highway, restaurants, tourist attractions and some of other places. My holiday this time was really enjoyable. I could visit all the places I had planned while in Jakarta. Long before I arrived there I had planned which place I would visit and thank god all the place was finally achieved. Actually I have many photos during my visit to Jakarta but for this post I will only share the photos that I photograph at night.

For this vacation i borrow a camera from my friend Nikon D3300 to photograph everything looks good. I saved more than 700 photos as long as i’m in Jakarta. I also bring an USB to OTG, card reader, flash disk, usb hub and external hard disk to move all the photos from camera when the photos unload anymore. I use OTG to connect usb hub with my phone, then i plug card reader to usb hub after put the memory card of camera to card reader. Next step i plug the flash disk or external harddisk to usb hub then i move the photos from memory card to flash disk or external harddisk. That’s the tip i share to help you when you do travelling. You don’t need laptop anymore to move your photos from memory card. It’s help right?

All right without more further ado let me take you to enjoy my photos i taken from ny vacation in Jakarta. Hopefully you will enjoy them.

That’s all the photos i can share on this chance. If you love them, don’t forget to vote, comment and resteem. Thank you and best regard @tfq86.


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