Roppan Caffee, Best Place To Enjoy Your Dinner [Steempress #12]

Right now i’m in Jakarta for holyday. Jakarta is the Capital city of Indonesia. It’s about 2374 Km from my place Bireuen, Aceh. I get here by plane from Kuala Namu Internal Airport Medan after long trip from Bireuen Aceh by taking Bus. In Jakarta i stay with my cousin in Ciracas, Jakarta Timur. Tonight i ask my cousin to have some coffee because i’m a coffee lover. He takes me to Graha Cijantung. This mall is not far away from the place i stay. It’s about 400 meters from my place, so get there just by walk.


I will share a review about a caffee in Jakarta exactly at Cijantung Jakarta Timur. This place located at Graha Cijantung. Graha Cijantung is one of Mall in Jakarta Timur that visited by most people around here. Just after we arrive there, a sweet and kind waiter welcome us with her best smile and ask us what can she help. I told her that we need a coffee and some food. She gives us the menu list.

After looking at the menu list we decide to choose mix honey toast as food and iced coffee jelly as a drink. The mix honey toast is so delicious there are three kinds of ice cream on the top of it and mix with the pieces of bread cubes. these bread has toasted first so it feels very crispy. There is also pieces of chocolate that makes the taste of this food more interesting. I’m so satisfied with this mix honey toast.

The iced coffee jelly is coffee that put some jelly in it and served with ice. I’m sure there is some milk in after i taste it. As a coffee lover i don’t think this is the best coffee for me because i usually take espresso as my coffee. But it is not too bad for you when you need a coffee for relax.

This is a wonderful night and dinner for me and my cousin. I think i will come back again sometime for mix honey toast. You can spent time here with yor family or someone special for you. Graha Cijantung also has a park in front of it where you can take photo if you love if.


The Graha Cijantung open every day from 10 o’clock at day to 10 o’clock at night. The Roppan Caffee also follow the schedule of Graha Cijantung. I suggest you to visit this place if you stay around Ciracas or Cijantung Jakarta Timur. If you want to buy something, you can enter mall to find something you need and after that you can enjoy your dinner at Roppan Caffee. Hopefully by this share i can help you in finding some review for a place to visit. If you find any mistakes or want to suggest something, let me know in the comment below. Thank you and regard @tfq86.

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