My Ten day vacation To Jakarta [Steempress #15]

Jakarta is the Capital city of Indonesia. It’s about 1469 miles away from my place Bireuen, Aceh. Not only as a center of government, Jakarta is also the best choice for holiday. I’ve been travelling to Jakarta at 2008 to fulfill the invitation of presidental palace to perform traditional dance of Aceh in celebrating independence day of Indonesia August 17, 2008. This is a communal dance or you can say mass dance. There are 100 women perform Aceh traditional dance and 10 men perform the music by using percussion that call Rapa-i (read: Ra pa e) By the way, i’m one of the percussion players to support the dancer in doing Aceh traditional dance on that time.

Two weeks ago i come back to Jakarta not to perform traditional dance anymore but to spent my holiday time. By taking a bus to reach Kualanamu Airport in Medan i spent 8 hours for this trip after that i take a plane to arrive in Jakarta it’s need 2 hours until you landed on Halim Perdanakusuma Airport. Soon i Arrive in Jakarta i order a taxi to go to my cousin’s house at Ciracas Jakarta Timur. Taking a day to rest after having a very long and tired trip to make my body fit again, then the first place i visit in Jakarta is Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. This place is so large. With 150 hectares large filled by all the traditional houses of all Indonesian’s provinces. There are also historical mosque in it that is Mesjid AT-Tin the name of this mosque is taking from the wife’s name of second presiden of Indonesia Siti Hartinah. She calls as ibu (madam) Tin, Snowbay Waterpark as a wonderful place to have fun with your family, Skylift to enjoy everything on Taman Mini Indonesia Indah from heights, an artificial lake with miniature of Indonesian Archipelago in it, a place to rest, a playground for children and every thing you need as traveller available on Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

The next place is Kota Tua (Old City). This place kept so many history of Indonesia. This place is the first city of Indonesia in colonial period. On that time this place is a harbour built by Holland Government when they colonize Indonesia. Today old city become tourist destination to explore the history of Indonesia. Not only local tourist but also from abroad come to this place.

I was there at night because it’s to hard to reach this place at the day caused by the traffic jam. By travel here at night it easy to you to find this place with motorcycle. What i seen here old city really look like a hoarbour city but now this city turn to tourist destination. There are so many seller along the road they sell the food and some souvenir for visitor. There also a museum right there that open at the day. If you want to enter to the museum you have to come here at the day.

The next day i with my cousin visit the Ancol beach. Again, i come here at night because of the traffic jam too. To avoid traffic jam we travel here at 10 o’clock at night need about 1 hour to reach this place from Ciracas using motorcycle. At this place people enjoying night atmosphere here with family or girlfriend. Some people love to swim together on the sea. The view of Ancol Beach is so wonderful. There are two gates in love shape here make this place more amazing. Most visitor take a photo at these gates. There is also apartment here if you want to stay. Ancol beach often used for music concert on monday. Most people visit this place on saturday or monday. Beside those days are holiday, the music concert often held on those days too. If you need food or something to eat, don’t worry cafe at here open 24 hours so does the beach. There is a bridge here encircle the coastal area for pedestrians to enjoy the beauty of the beach. I love the view of this place so much really wonderful experience for me.



At another chance my cousin took me to the National Monument (Monas). This Monument as the symbol of Indonesian in colonial period. It located near to presidental palace. The National Monument or popularly abbreviated to Monas is a construction in 433 feet high as the memorial monument established to commemorate the resistance and struggle of the Indonesian people to seize independence from the Dutch East Indies colonial government. The construction of this monument began on 17 August 1961 under the orders of President Sukarno, and was opened to the public on 12 July 1975. The monument was crowned with a gold-plated flame symbolizing the spirit of a fiery struggle. (source:¬† The National Monument is located right in the middle of Lapangan Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta. You can enter to this monument by buying an entrance ticket. At the first floor there is a museum. This museum is the Indonesia’s national history museum you will see the history of Indonesia in it. It’s a large place that can entered by 500 people. You can go to the second floor even to third floor at the top to enjoy the view of Jakarta from height. Monas always open at morning to 10 o’clock at night. If you tell people about your journey to Jakarta people always ask, do you visit Monas? that’s why i come to this place to answer “yes” if people ask me.

if you visit Jakarta is not complete if you don’t come to Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is a park in 552 hectares large. This place located near to the ancol beach. Actually this place runs by the same company Pt. Tija. There are so many interesting things here to entertaint you. I just visit Dunia Fantasi (Dufan) fantasy world because i don’t have enough time to visit them all. Dufan (fantasy world) is the first theme park developed by Ancol. Dufan is the largest outdoor entertainment center in Indonesia that pampers visitors with World Fantasy Travel through various high-tech game rides, divided into 8 regions: Indonesia, Jakarta, Asia, Europe, America, Greece, Hikayat and Balada Kera. The Company also makes Dufan as one of the edutainment centers in Ancol by the opening of Fantasy World Physics (Fidufa) and Pentas prestasi (performance stage) . Dufan has been certified ISO 9001: 2008 since 2009.(Source: Dufan open at 10 am to 7 pm. The ticket price is IDR 325.000 for one year, but you have to make a card for one year free visit. Follow the instructions before you try any challange on this place becuse some of them are not allowed to pragnance women, baby, a man suffer high blood pressure or having problem with their heart.

This is really really a wonderful journey i had in Jakarta. I really enjoy this vacation so much. I thank so much to my cousin who has accompanied me as long as i’m in Jakarta. I will come back sometime again when i had a chance and doing fun again with my cousin. If you visit Jakarta don’t forget to visit the places i told above. Hopefully this post useful for everyone and thank you for reading my stuff. Regard @tfq86.

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