My First Writing On Steempress-io

Not so long on this month a new good news comes on to steemit blockchain especially for blogger. From now on blogger who love to participate on steemit do not need to leave their blog anymore. They can work on steemit and their blog at the same time. May be it’s to hard to stay focus on two things, i mean your blog and steemit. Now you don’t need to worry about that anymore. @steeempress-io comes to bring you the best solution. All the writings you provide on your blog now will appear on steemit blockchain. Steempress-io creates a plugin as a bridge between your blog and steemit. What you have to do is download Steempress plugin for wordpress here Instal plugin in your web then you can write anything on your blog and it will appear on steemit. Why steempres? Because now @steeempress-io has a milion Steem Power on it wallet, yes million with six zeros that ready to curate your writing that you post from steempress-io. You can check all the posts that has been already curated by steempress on it account.

There are two brilliant guys behind this awesome project. @howo and @fredrikaa who has create this plugin to help bloggers all around the world. Thank you so much to both of you guys. With million Steem Power on Steempress wallet, bloggers now have chance to get better paid even best may be. Actually i have had a blog before, but since join steemit i prefer to be here than on my blog. By this new project i have a good chance to comeback to my blog again and so steemit. So wonderful right? Thank you once again to @howo and @fredrikaa you guys did a useful work for people.

To be more familiar to this project, you can come and join steempress discord here Howo and Fredrikaa will always be there to help you to overcome all the problems yo face in participating on steempress-io. You also can suggest anything to steempres if you have something to say and make friends with people all around the world.

Because this is my first writing on steempress-io, i’m sure there are so much mistake i made on this writing. I hope you guys gladly say something to this writing in the comment below to help me better in the next time. I do hope to steempres-io to be success in the future, so together with the bloggers all around the world achieve success at the sane time. Thank you, regard @tfq86.


This post is submitted using @steeempress-io thank to @howo and @fredrikaa.

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