My First Post After HF20 [Steempress #56]

Hi everyone, let me say hi to you on my first post after hf20. For me this is my first hardfork since i join steemit. I join on January 2018 and never have a hardfork before. At first i confused about this hardfork. What is hardfork, what will happen to steem because of this hardfork? after reading hear and there and asking some friends, finally i know a bit about what hardfork is.

This is like a new day to steem. People can’t make a post since the hardfork happen. Today after reading an announcement at steempress discord shared by @howo i try to make a post. I don’t is it work or not. But now i can see it works. There are so many issues every where since the hardfork begin. Some people said that we will never make any single movement on steem except buy some steem to power up, but i just follow the instructions from @steemitblog to wait until the bandwith or RC recharge. As redfish on this platform, i hope this hardfork will means something good for us and for everyone. I hope it will be a new better ecosystem than before for steem blockchain. Let start to work again to build this platform become more and more wonderful ecosystem in the future. Thank you for everyone who have work so hard to make this hardfork 20 work well. Regard @tfq86.

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