Let’s Vote For Steem Again On NetCoins [Steempress #63]


What a good news today. Steem now sit on second place on NetCoins contest. But don’t feel happy first until 20 october as the limit of this contest. We have to make sure that steem sits at the first rank. It can’t be happen if we don’t work together as a solid team. Just a few minutes ago i just vote for the fourth time since the contest running. We have to tell more people. Utilize your phone to spread this information. Use FB, Twitter, whatsapp and anything else to let people know about this, especially steemians. It’s quite funny if you as a steemian do not care about this information. I can’t believe what you call yourself if you really don’t care. Today @oracle-d continuing to campaign about vote for steem on NetCoins in Twitter and of course i take part on it. @oracle-d will vote your comment and your post on Twitter and put the screenshot on their post [here](https://steemit.com/steem/@oracle-d/let-s-tweet-about-steem-and-netcoins-contest-win-upvotes-d7d84a5db3884est).

As a redfish in steem community i think this is something big what i can do. This job is not hard to do but will bring big impact in return. Just go to¬†http://contest.gonetcoins.com/ and you will know how easy this task is. What you need is an active email and make sure that you are not a robot to ferify captcha. Don’t forget to come back every 24 hours till 20 october. Every single vote will be count and this is very valuable for our steem community. Don’t miss this big chance if you really love steem. Promoting steem to the world is a noble job that every steemian can do. By doing this people all around the world will now what steem is. @oracle-d and @fundition @steempress-io and any other platform on steem always promote steem by their way. I know what they did can’t be done by anybody, but this, this contest on NetCoins can do by anyone including you. Don’t take your time. There are still few more days to act and i hope we unite as a solid team to make a big move. This time must be our to take the lead. Show the world that we can do. Together we can do it. So let’s vote for steem on NetCoins contest. See you next day!

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