I won Again on The Curation and Engagement League [Steempress #08]



Today is a great day for me. @paulag release a post about The Curation and Engagement League. She focusing in steemians from Indonesia. I have taken part on this league for long time ago since this league held. If you want to know more about the league, check it [here](https://steemit.com/indonesia/@paulag/league-of-excellence-and-curation-leagues-week-10-indonesia).

This league gives so many advantages to me. Actually this league means to encourage people to be better in doing curation. As you know there will be curation reward for everyone who curate a post. What you need is to curate at the best time. As @paulag and @abh12345 said that you must curate between 15 to 25 minutes after a post release. For a post that curated by @curie dtube/dlive/sndbox content, and utopian-io approved contributions can give you a very good curation rewards.

There are two Leagues actually, if you win at league 1 paula will give you steembasicincome prize and if you win on league 2 she will delegate some SPs for three weeks. Hopefully by that delegation you can improve your curation reward and win for next week. Paula annouces the league result every week on friday. I suggest you to take part on the league, i’m sure you will get more interesting experience by taking part on the league. You can learn how to curate well, make friend with everyone and also you have chance to win the prizes. It’s easy to take part and free. Just make a comment below the curation league post and you will be on the league for lifetime until you say stop on comment again.

For the rule of the league, you can check yourself on link i serve above. I can not provide detail information about the rule because i’m afraid of serving wrong information. I have won several times on the league. At the first time i taking part, i never guess that i will win. I really surprise when i see my name there on the top of table. Paula ask me how i can win the league just by 15 SPs in my wallet. On that time i really don’t know what to say because i just curate a post that i like. I even win two weeks in a row by just holding 15SPs, it’s awesome right? Since that time i always try to make a good post and curate well in order to improve my self on steemit and win some prizes too. Just come and join the league i guarantee you will find so much fun there.

<center> Join discord @steempress-io here https://discord.gg/TyvbBTg </center>

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