How To Overcome High Level Cholesterol? [Steempress #41]

Annona muricata L

Today I want to share a health tip for all of us. I specialized this tip for cholesterol sufferers. I myself have experienced high cholesterol levels, making me feel very dizzy and unable to move. For your information, cholesterol is a metabolite that contains fat sterols found in cell membranes and circulated in blood plasma. Is a type of lipid which is a fat molecule or which resembles it. The high level of cholesterol in the body triggers the emergence of various diseases. A healthy diet is the main factor to avoid this. However, not all cholesterol is bad for the body. Only cholesterol that belongs to the category of LDL (bad cholesterol) is bad but the type of HDL cholesterol is cholesterol which can dissolve bad cholesterol in the body. The normal limit of cholesterol in the body is 160-200 mg.


The information I got from various health blogs on the internet said that cholesterol can be overcome by maintaining a regular diet and exercise. But if you already suffer this disease you can overcome it by consuming simvastatin. However, this type of drug has side effects that accelerate the onset of cataracts or aggravate cataracts for those who already have cataracts. Then how else is more effective way? from what I read and I have practiced, soursop leaves (Annona muricata L) are one type of plant that can be used as a cholesterol drug. Consider the following tips.
Pick soursop leaves as you need that are still young and then wash thoroughly but do not knead. After that, put it in the pan. Add one liter of water and then boil it. Boil until leaving half a liter of water. Wait until the water is cold and drink twice a day morning and night. As long as I consume water from this soursop leaf, my cholesterol is completely healed.

Other benefits of this leaf are

  • overcome dandruff
  • increase fertility
  • treat lung disease
  • Treating diabetic
  • overcome ovarian cysts
  • overcome gout
  • overcome cancer

Besides being beneficial for health, this leaf also has no side effects. Therefore, if you suffer from cholesterol, practice the tips that I shared because it is cheap and easy. Hopefully the tips that I shared are useful for all of us. thanks.

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